Welcome to Kinetic Assets Management, LLC!

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Kinetic Assets Management, LLC’s business strategy focuses on building a real estate portfolio of income producing properties to maximize returns while making a difference in the lives of others. We are a residential and commercial real estate buying group that provides a portal of investment education for our investors, new and advanced.

We partner with our qualified investor members in real estate projects that might be too large for them to handle alone, but become possible when they invest money together in one of our Exclusive Private Client Groups. By providing the expertise in identifying, negotiating and managing the investments, we provide our members with a real passive opportunity to make their money work for them.

As we develop our business we have put in place a solid group of people with defined roles that will ensure our success such as Realtors, property managers, attorneys, contractors, and bankers. As with any business we will continually evaluate each member’s role and contribution and make necessary changes.  Our Board of Advisors provide our investor/members with perspectives on real estate investments as well as business growth and exit strategies. We recognize the value of seeking advice from those within and outside our industry to bring maximum results in all aspects of our business.


Kinetic Assets Management, LLC is dedicated to a hassle free and value added transactions and ensuring a long lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with each and every client. In order to empower others, we put ourselves into investor’s shoes. Our differentiated expertise in real estate investing allows us to provide clients with unique and effective solutions and providing best-in-class deal structuring and execution.