About Us


              Kinetic Assets Management, LLC     


Kinetic Assets Management, LLC is private residential and commercial real estate investment company that specializes in a balanced investment approach. Together with our investor, we acquire distressed and under-performing assets at a fraction of current market values.  The company has a methodical, conservative, and disciplined approach to ensure that  success in real estate investing continues to grow and stand at the forefront of this industry.  Our acquisitions team performs a stringent and highly detailed review. Each property under consideration is evaluated by its value, its fit with our search criteria, its profitability, its ability to diversify the portfolio, and many other factors that would contribute to its value as an acquisition.

We are fully committed to exceptional performance and are resolute in our efforts to achieve the high standards we have established. As a dynamic, smart, forward-thinking team, we are relentless in finding intelligent, methodically-researched, and timely financial solutions for each of our constituencies.